Artist Arthur Henry Andrews: Horse kicking, circa 1927

Artist Arthur Henry Andrews (1906-1966): Horse kicking, circa 1927


Arthur Henry Andrews (1906-1966):
Horse kicking, circa 1927
Unframed (ref: 5177)

Signed with monogram
Original woodblock, 1 1/2 x 2 1/4 in. (3.8 x 5.7 cm.)


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Arthur Henry Andrews (1906-1966) was a painter, print maker and teacher who was born in London and married to the artist Sushila Singh.  They were fellow students at Hornsey School of Art and Royal College of Art under William Rothenstein, graduating in 1929.  He held a number of teaching posts in Sheffield and Derby Colleges of Art and Batley School of Art, eventually becoming Principal of Poole College of Further Education and Art Advisor to Dorset Education Committee.  He showed at Foyles Gallery and at public galleries in Bradford and Leeds, where he had one-man shows, also in group exhibitions at RA, Grabowski and Redfurn Galleries.  He was made a member of the Design and Industries Association in 1934, SWE in 1935.  Sir Edward Marsh held his workin, as did Victoria and Albert Museum and public galleries in Leeds, Bournemouth and Southport.  Later in his life he lived in Bournemouth, Hampshire.

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