Artist Stephen Bone: St. Tropez

Artist Stephen Bone: St. Tropez

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Stephen Bone:
St. Tropez

Unframed (ref: 9920)
Oil on board

Title inscribed on reverse
10.5 x 14 in. (26.6 x 35.5 cm)

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Bone’s panels were painted out of doors in just a few hours of intense concentration and testify to his painterly skill and sure sense of colour. They show his family and friends and also his knowledge and love of landscapes and townscapes in the 1930s and 40s so much of which has now changed or disappeared. From Ireland to Sweden and from Scotland to Spain he carried his wooden paintbox fitted out with paints, brushes and a rack of 3 or 4 primed panels. His equipment also included a three legged folding wooden stool with a leather seat, a broad brimmed felt hat and, in winter; fingerless woollen mittens.

In the 20s and 30s, Bone's small oil panels were well appreciated. His View of Santiago shown at the Ryman’s Galleries in 1927 reminded the Oxford University reviewer of "an early Corot in the freshness and I delicacy of its treatment". At the Lefevre Gallery in 1932 the Morning Post critic wrote appreciatively ; of his advances in observation and craftsmanship and of his "developing sense of colour and the minor notes of grey, green and the palest gold". The Manchester Guardian said that "Mr Bone is a singularly modest artist. On looking at his landscapes one always feels that he experienced some rather rare and delicate emotion which he is offering a little diffidently to the spectator".

The prices of the smaller pictures were seven guineas in the twenties, rising to fourteen guineas at the end of the thirties and twenty one guineas in his show at the Leicester Galleries at the end of 1946, where Stephen sold 22 panels. 

Panel paintings by Stephen Bone can be seen in Tate, National Portrait Gallery, The Maritime Museum and The Imperial War Museum.

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