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Robert Austin: Springtime at Fulham
Robert Austin: Springtime at Fulham, 1921


Rapturously received by critics and audiences alike, The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art’s exhibition True to Life: British Realist Painting in the 1920s and 1930s draws to a close on October 29. This exhibition brought to light a generation of forgotten interwar artists, and celebrated the realist tradition in dazzling, ground-breaking fashion. Our virtual display offers further opportunity to rediscover this remarkable, but little known story of British Art. It features additional works by a number of figures represented by the True to Life exhibition, whilst introducing other artists of this school, who likewise probed the world with an intense, tightly-controlled manner.

Jackson Booth
Jackson Booth

Herbert James Gunn
Herbert James Gunn

Winifred Knights
Winifred Knights

Harold Dearden
Harold Dearden

Clara Cowling, Francis Spear, Winifred Knights, Gilbert Spencer, Harold Williamson, Maxwell Armfield, Jackson Booth, Clare Leighton, Alfred Nunney, Mark Fisher, Randolph Schwabe, Joseph Southall, J.B.Peart, Robert Autin, Evelyn Gibbs, Mary Adshead, Rudolph Ihlee, Cliff Rowe, Ernest Procter, Edward Halliday, Barbara Constance Freeman, Muriel Pemberton, Raymond Sheppard, Herbert James Gunn, Magaret Gere, Henry J. Hunt, Harold Dearde, Charles Ginner, Reginald Brill, Charles Cundall, Stanley Lewis, Charles Mahoney, John McKenzie, Thomas Monnington, Victor Hume Moody, Rudolph Sauter, Alan Sorrell, James Woodford


Financial Times
18 August 2017

‘To all but connoisseurs, only a handful of these painters is familiar. Stanley Spencer is the headliner. Otherwise renown has been scattered only across Laura Knight, Edward Burra – who gained critical respect due to his affinities with Germany’s Neue Sachlichkeit movement – and the remarkable Winifred Knights, who leapt to prominence thanks to a Dulwich Picture Gallery retrospective last year. (The expertise of that show’s curator, Sacha Llewellyn, is responsible for much of today’s interest in this era.)’

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National Gallery

True to Life

“The exhibition of the season” The Times
“Enthralling... Ambitious and timely” The Guardian ****
“A curiosity well worth being brought back into the light” The Telegraph ****
“This show of highly finished paintings is just glorious... Don’t miss it” The Times ****
“This show is full of beautiful things” The Scotsman ***** 
“A joy of rediscovery” Financial Times
“Sprinkled generously with jewels” Sunday Times
“An eye-opener of an exhibition” The Observer
“Hugely surprisingly and eye-opening” The Herald
“A marvellous show” The Spectator
“The intense gaze of realists yields pure pleasure”   The Times (Scotland) ****
“A major review of British realist painting in the 20s and 30s” The List ****
“Timely and exciting... Fresh and radical” BBC Arts
“Paintings so realistic you could reach into them” Metro
“This exhibition is ground-breaking” RA Magazine


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