Charles Mahoney

Mahoney’s aims as artist and teacher were of a similar nature to those of the early artist-craftsmen such as Giotto. Teaching, for him, was not just a means of earning a living; it was a calling to which he devoted a major part of his life and an enormous amount of physical and nervous energy. With his appreciation of history he may have been able to afford to take a long view of the development of style, but he was passionate that students should learn their craft from the bottom up. Provided the skills were passed on the future was assured. Just as good gardeners propagate and plant for the future. Mahoney, through passion and zeal, nurtured and encouraged those students who were sympathetic to his approach to history and art.

Works Featured in this catalogue

Room at the Queens Hotel, Ambleside, circa 1940
Muses; Study for Self-portrait of the Artist at Work. 1950’s
Study of Nicolas Poussins 1648 painting: Madonna on the steps, mid 1920s
Study for Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, circa 1935
First design for the Thomas More Altar, Cheyne Row, London, mid 1930s
Study for The Four Winds of Hilly Fields, ceiling design for Brockley County School, c. 1932-36
Still life with artist’s pamphlet Christmas Coleus, 1940’s
Mural design for Campion Hall – fleeing figures, circa 1940
Compositional study for The pleasures of Life at Morley College, 1928-30
Street scene with children wearing gas masks, circa 1940
Still life of bread, brioche and a knife, circa 1935
Study of a grumpy cherub, for Campion Hall, early 1940’s
Design for the wall above the altar at Campion Hall, Two Angels Overlooking a Garden
Design for the altar wall, Annunciation in an allotment, circa 1942
Children sleeping – illustration to a fable, mid 1920’s