20th Century British Art
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Artist Margaret Wrightson: St George - the original maquette for Cramlington War Memorial, Northumberland

Margaret Wrightson
St George - the original maquette...
Artist French School: French postcard - Ah! laisse ma caresse errer abandonnée Sur la blanche tièdeur de ta chair satinée

French School
French postcard - "Ah! laisse ma...
Artist Frank Brangwyn: Soldier drinking wine from a bottle

Frank Brangwyn
Soldier drinking wine from a bottle
Artist John Moody: Margaret Sewell, 1927

John Moody
Margaret Sewell, 1927 
Artist Curt Rüschhoff: German observation balloons recording the position of the Allied forces on the Somme

Curt Rüschhoff
German observation balloons...
Artist Rene George Hermann-Paul: Novembre 1914 - Calendrier de la Guerre (1ère année – août 1914-juillet 1915)

Rene George Hermann-Paul
Novembre 1914 - Calendrier de la...
Artist Frederick Carter: Silence in Heaven, 1925

Frederick Carter
Silence in Heaven, 1925
Artist Frederick Carter: The Four Winds of the Apocalypse, 1925

Frederick Carter
The Four Winds of the Apocalypse, 1925
Artist Frederick Carter: The Babe of Fire

Frederick Carter
The Babe of Fire
Artist Anonymous: Official photograph taken on the Western Front: C.2224 The Battle of Flanders...

Official photograph taken on the...
Artist Rene George Hermann-Paul: Les Hymnes Allies, 1917

Rene George Hermann-Paul
Les Hymnes Allies, 1917
Artist Ira L. Hill: Evangeline Booth - Salvation Army, circa 1919

Ira L. Hill
Evangeline Booth - Salvation Army
Artist English School: S.O.S. To All Nations - Disarm, League of Nations Union, circa 1920

English School
S.O.S. To All Nations - Disarm
Artist Percy Horton: On this occasion there was the usual confusion 1925

Percy Horton
'On this occasion there was the...
Artist William Hugh Duncan Arthur: Menin Road Ypres, 1917

William Hugh Duncan Arthur
Menin Road Ypres, 1917
Artist John Moody: War, 1928

John Moody
War, 1928
Artist Richard Carline: A dug-out at Ovillers, 1918

Richard Carline
A dug-out at Ovillers, 1918
Artist Lt Richard Barrett Talbot Kelly: An RE8 with a French Nieuport 27 fighter escort, circa 1916

Lt Richard Barrett Talbot Kelly
An RE8 with a French Nieuport 27... 
Artist Percy Jowett: England, circa 1918

Percy Jowett
England, circa 1918 
Artist Denys Wells: Shell damaged buildings Northern France, c.1918

Denys Wells
Shell damaged buildings Northern France
Artist Robert Arthur Wilson: Colour Wheel, 1919

Robert Arthur Wilson
Colour Wheel, 1919 
Artist Ellis Martin: Loading Shells

Ellis Martin
Loading ShellsFor sale 
Artist John Moody: War, 1928

John Moody
War, 1928For sale 
Artist Winifred Knights: Self portrait and study for the deluge, circa 1919

Winifred Knights
Self portrait and study for the delugeFor sale 
Artist Christopher R.W. Nevinson: Ypres after 1st Bombardment , 1916

Christopher R.W. Nevinson
Ypres after 1st Bombardment , 1916Privately held 
Artist Rene Lelong: Credit National - Souscrivez pour la reconstitution des régions dévastées, circa 1920

Rene Lelong
Credit National - Souscrivez pour la...Sold 
Artist CHARLES HENRY TENRÉ: Labreuvoir de LOlympia pendant un entracte, circa 1918

L'abreuvoir de L'Olympia pendant un...Sold 
Artist Ellis Martin: The Field Survey Battalion

Ellis Martin
The Field Survey BattalionSold 
Artist Richard Carline: Thiepval, Pond with shrapnel 1918

Richard Carline
'Thiepval', Pond with shrapnel 1918Sold 
Artist Francis Helps: Return from Ypres, circa 1916

Francis Helps
Return from Ypres, circa 1916Sold 
Artist Alan Sorrell: A Land Fit for Heroes, 1936

Alan Sorrell
A Land Fit for Heroes, 1936Sold 
Artist Henry Tonks: Study for ‘An Advanced Dressing Station in France’, 1918

Henry Tonks
Study for ‘An Advanced Dressing...Sold 
Artist Frank Brangwyn: Original design for the woodcut ‘Damn the War’, 1919

Frank Brangwyn
Original design for the woodcut...Sold 
Artist Charles Sargeant Jagger: Chemistry (or the Chemist) 1928-29

Charles Sargeant Jagger
Chemistry (or the Chemist) 1928-29Sold