20th Century British Art
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Artist Barnett Freedman: The Darts Champion

Barnett Freedman
The Darts Champion
Artist John Luke: Batsman

John Luke
Artist William Nicholson: Coursing (January.), circa 1898

William Nicholson
Coursing (January.), circa 1898
Artist Jock Kinneir: The original design for These men use Shell, riders to hounds, you can be sure of Shell, 1938

Jock Kinneir
The original design for These men...
Artist Charles Wesley Gilhousen: The Descent of Venus, circa 1917

Charles Wesley Gilhousen
The Descent of Venus, circa 1917
Artist Frederick Austin: Boats at Chiswick Mall

Frederick Austin
Boats at Chiswick Mall
Artist William Nicholson: Coursing (February.), circa 1898

William Nicholson
Coursing (February.), circa 1898
Artist Alfred John Nunney: Back to School, late 1930s

Alfred John Nunney
Back to School, late 1930's
Artist Charles Cundall: Study for Hastings Cricket Ground, Festival Week, Hastings, c.1952

Charles Cundall
Study for Hastings Cricket Ground
Artist Kenneth Rowntree: Ballymoss winning the George V Stakes

Kenneth Rowntree
Ballymoss winning the George V Stakes
Artist Pierre Abadie-Landel: Les Joies du Poilu [The Pleasures of the Poilu], set of 6

Pierre Abadie-Landel
Les Joies du Poilu [The Pleasures of...
Artist John Hassall: The original design for Tom Tom the Pipers Son .... , 1900

John Hassall
The original design for Tom Tom the...
Artist Charlotte Ancelin: A set of three prints - Longchamps and other races, circa 1910

Charlotte Ancelin
A set of three prints - Longchamps...
Artist Fyffe Christie: Roll Up!, circa 1950

Fyffe Christie
Roll Up!, circa 1950
Artist James Woodford: Nereid - fountain group, circa 1947

James Woodford
Nereid - fountain group, circa 1947
Artist Raymond Sheppard: Monarch of the Glen, circa 1935

Raymond Sheppard
Monarch of the Glen, circa 1935
Artist Edward Irvine Halliday: Head of a hunting dog, c.1930

Edward Irvine Halliday
Head of a hunting dog, c.1930
Artist Sir Gerald Festus Kelly: The Oval, circa 1905

Sir Gerald Festus Kelly
The Oval, circa 1905
Artist Jean Clark: Ballerinas

Jean Clark
Artist Edgar Maybery: Giant Pleasure Wheel – Winter Gardens, Blackpool, circa 1910

Edgar Maybery
Giant Pleasure Wheel – Winter Gardens
Artist Robert Austin: The Fisherman (1927)

Robert Austin
The Fisherman (1927)
Artist Imre Goth: Das Kasperle-Theatre 1930

Imre Goth
Das Kasperle-Theatre 1930
Artist Robert Austin: Boy and Calf (1926)

Robert Austin
Boy and Calf (1926)
Artist John McKenzie: Lightsome Interlude, 1940s

John McKenzie
Lightsome Interlude, 1940's
Artist Muriel Minter: Rest, above Rochester

Muriel Minter
Rest, above Rochester
Artist Frank Brangwyn: ABCDE Association Belge (X645), 1910,

Frank Brangwyn
ABCDE Association Belge (X645), 1910,
Artist Gilbert Ledward: Boxing, Wrestling, Hunting, Swimming

Gilbert Ledward
Boxing, Wrestling, Hunting, SwimmingReserved 
Artist Mary Adshead: A Walk

Mary Adshead
A WalkReserved 
Artist Douglas Percy Bliss: Satires of Highland Gatherings; Heavy Events at the Strathbannock Highland Gathering, circa 1935

Douglas Percy Bliss
Satires of Highland Gatherings;...Reserved 
Artist Evelyn Dunbar: Portrait of Flying Officer Roger Folley, RAFVR [HMO 280]

Evelyn Dunbar
Portrait of Flying Officer Roger FolleyReserved 
Artist Evelyn Dunbar: The Children’s Shop: mice (recto), birds (verso) [HMO 749]

Evelyn Dunbar
The Children’s Shop: mice (recto)Reserved 
Artist Douglas Percy Bliss: A Mighty Hunter before the Lord

Douglas Percy Bliss
A Mighty Hunter before the LordFor sale 
Artist Percy Horton: Study for Kensington Gardens, 1923

Percy Horton
Study for Kensington Gardens, 1923For sale 
Artist Lilian Whitehead: Summer Evening

Lilian Whitehead
Summer EveningFor sale 
Artist David Evans: Bullfight

David Evans
Artist Robert Austin: The Fisherman (1927)

Robert Austin
The Fisherman (1927) 
Artist Robert Baker: The Gym Lesson

Robert Baker
The Gym LessonPrivately held 
Artist Cosmo Clark: English Country Fair, 1933

Cosmo Clark
English Country Fair, 1933Privately held 
Artist David Evans: At the Plaza

David Evans
At the PlazaPrivately held 
Artist David Evans: Mecca Dancing

David Evans
Mecca DancingPrivately held 
Artist Barbara Jones: Hot Air Balloon

Barbara Jones
Hot Air BalloonSold 
Artist Robert Baker: Table tennis; the common room

Robert Baker
Table tennis; the common roomSold 
Artist Frank Brangwyn: The Prize Fight (or The Boxers), circa 1919

Frank Brangwyn
The Prize Fight (or The Boxers)Sold 
Artist Eric Gill: Skaters, 1926

Eric Gill
Skaters, 1926Sold 
Artist Elisabeth Jean Frink: The Grey Rider, 1970

Elisabeth Jean Frink
The Grey Rider, 1970Sold 
Artist Gilbert Spencer: The Goal, c. 1930

Gilbert Spencer
The Goal, c. 1930Sold 
Artist Douglas Percy Bliss: The Hunt

Douglas Percy Bliss
The HuntSold 
Artist Julian Trevelyan: Athletes, 1973

Julian Trevelyan
Athletes, 1973Sold 
Artist Percy Shakespeare: Morning Exercise, Self Portrait

Percy Shakespeare
Morning Exercise, Self PortraitSold 
Artist Eric Ravilious: Submarine Engineer, 1938

Eric Ravilious
Submarine Engineer, 1938Sold 
Artist Ethel Leontine Gabain: London Schoolgirls at Finnemore Wood - Camp Children in Wartime, 1940

Ethel Leontine Gabain
London Schoolgirls at Finnemore Wood...Sold 
Artist Frederick Austin: Book Jacket Design for Walking Tours, 1926

Frederick Austin
Book Jacket Design for 'Walking Tours'Sold 
Artist Stanley Lewis: The Knock-Out Blow, late 1940s

Stanley Lewis
The Knock-Out Blow, late 1940'sSold 
Artist Alfred John Nunney: Ice Hockey

Alfred John Nunney
Ice HockeySold 
Artist Alfred John Nunney: Golfing break, circa 1935

Alfred John Nunney
Golfing break, circa 1935Sold 
Artist William Nicholson: An Almanac of Sports, c. 1900

William Nicholson
An Almanac of Sports, c. 1900Sold 
Artist Barbara Jones: Louis Bleriot flying the English Channel, 1909

Barbara Jones
Louis Bleriot flying the English...Sold 
Artist Mary Adshead: Clown training a circus monkey and two horses, c. 1940

Mary Adshead
Clown training a circus monkey and...Sold 
Artist Stanley Bradshaw: Westland Wapiti Flying Squadron 601, 1931

Stanley Bradshaw
Westland Wapiti Flying Squadron 601Sold 
Artist William Roberts: The boxing match, circa 1919-1925

William Roberts
The boxing match, circa 1919-1925Sold 
Artist Edward Irvine Halliday: The Study for “Viscount Leslie, Lady Evelyn and Lady Jean Leslie, Gastons”, c. 1947

Edward Irvine Halliday
The Study for “Viscount LeslieSold 
Artist English School: Portrait of Mollie Phillips the Olympic Ice Skater, at The London Ice Club, early 1930s

English School
Portrait of Mollie Phillips the...Sold 
Artist Norman Neasom: Canal at Hanbury, 1976

Norman Neasom
Canal at Hanbury, 1976Sold 
Artist Arthur Kemp: Study for a Mural with Atheletes, Nativity, and Quartet, circa 1930

Arthur Kemp
Study for a Mural with AtheletesSold 
Artist Steven Spurrier: Hare Coursing, design for a frieze, c. 1910

Steven Spurrier
Hare CoursingSold 
Artist Josh Kirby: Wartime Fete, 1943

Josh Kirby
Wartime Fete, 1943Sold 
Artist Raymond Sheppard: Borrowed gun for Liliput illustration The Gun, 1950s, (S|R 57)

Raymond Sheppard
Borrowed gun for Liliput...Sold 
Artist Muriel Juniper: Night time at the fun fair circa 1925

Muriel Juniper
Night time at the fun fair circa 1925Sold 
Artist Raymond Sheppard: Circus circa 1940

Raymond Sheppard
Circus circa 1940Sold 
Artist R C Dafforn: Ellimans for Sprains and Bruises, April 1933

R C Dafforn
Elliman's for Sprains and BruisesSold 
Artist Marjorie Hayes: The Bee Keeper, 1947

Marjorie Hayes
The Bee Keeper, 1947Sold 
Artist Kathleen Guthrie: Cyclists framed, circa 1948

Kathleen Guthrie
Cyclists framed, circa 1948Sold 
Artist Raymond Sheppard: The Great Flight, 1952

Raymond Sheppard
The Great Flight, 1952Sold 
Artist James Stroudley: Study for The Olympics, circa 1928

James Stroudley
Study for The Olympics, circa 1928Sold 
Artist Bill Lovely: Adam and Eve, circa 1925

Bill Lovely
Adam and Eve, circa 1925Sold 
Artist Reginald Otto Bell: Airship: design for a stained-glass window executed by Clayton and Bell for Canterbury Hospital, 1937

Reginald Otto Bell
"Airship": design for a...Sold 
Artist Stanley Lewis: Hyde Park in Summer 1931

Stanley Lewis
Hyde Park in Summer 1931Sold 
Artist Charles Cundall: Concours des pĂŞcheurs, 1950s

Charles Cundall
Concours des pĂŞcheurs, 1950'sSold 
Artist Charles Pears: At Middleburg:The Kermis, August, 1913

Charles Pears
At Middleburg:The Kermis, August, 1913Sold 
Artist Averil Mary Burleigh: Dancers, circa 1915

Averil Mary Burleigh
Dancers, circa 1915Sold 
Artist Robert Austin: Corettos Circus, circa 1920

Robert Austin
Coretto's Circus, circa 1920Sold 
Artist Arthur Kemp: Group of Hikers, circa 1950

Arthur Kemp
Group of Hikers, circa 1950Sold 
Artist Arthur Kemp: Three figures in a lane (AK156)

Arthur Kemp
Three figures in a lane (AK156)Sold 
Artist John Edgar Platt: Apple Gatherers, circa 1912

John Edgar Platt
Apple Gatherers, circa 1912Sold 
Artist David Evans: Gertrude’s Pencil, circa 1978

David Evans
Gertrude’s Pencil, circa 1978Sold 
Artist Harry Epworth Allen: Preparing the Ground, late 1920s

Harry Epworth Allen
Preparing the Ground, late 1920sSold 
Artist James Stroudley: Studies for Olympic Games. Athlete descending a ladder, circa 1930

James Stroudley
Studies for Olympic Games. Athlete...Sold 
Artist Dudley Holland: Speedway, the First Corner, late 1930s

Dudley Holland
Speedway, the First Corner, late 1930sSold 
Artist Eric Fraser: Tennis and Golf, circa 1922

Eric Fraser
Tennis and Golf, circa 1922Sold 
Artist Eric Fraser: Hikers, circa 1922

Eric Fraser
Hikers, circa 1922Sold 
Artist Richard Carline: Gilbert and Janet pairing up for tennis

Richard Carline
Gilbert and Janet pairing up for tennisSold