20th Century British Art

Margaret Wrightson (1877-1976)

Margaret Wrightson  lived and worked in a studio in Bedford Gardens London. She was one of nine children of Sir Thomas and Elizabeth Wrightson. She never married.

She exhibited at the Royal Academy and at the Society of Women Artists from 1906.  

Her public sculptures are a small figure of St. George on the war memorial at Cramlington, Northumberland (1922) and the statue of a boy commemorating Charles Lamb (1928) in the gardens of the Inner Temple in the City of London.  

We are grateful to Juliet Wrightson for assistance.

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Artist Margaret Wrightson: St George - the original maquette for Cramlington War Memorial, Northumberland

Margaret Wrightson
St George - the original maquette...
Artist Margaret Wrightson: Mechanic, Womens Auxiliary Army Corps, 1917

Margaret Wrightson
MechanicFor sale