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Our website offers over 1000 works of art for sale. Use the available filters to search all our work for sale by Artist, Medium, Subject, Movement, Price etc. We endeavour to show prices on as many of our works as possible. Forthcoming indicates that a work is being held back for an ongoing project or exhibition. Please enquire to know more about a works future availability.

Most of our art is sourced directly from artists’ estates or privately. We aim to deal in museum quality works by some of the greatest talents of the Twentieth Century. Our choice not to run a gallery or participate in art fairs leaves us free to follow our passions without succumbing to the pressures of an exclusively retail environment.  We ship worldwide.  All pictures are available on a sale or return basis.

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Charles Cundall
Study for Hipper at Kiel, c.1945
Charles Mahoney
Allegory in an allotment, circa 1935
Tirzah Garwood-Ravilious
The Crocodile
Charles Cundall
Falmouth Harbour from the Town Quay, 1940
Albert de Belleroche
Les deux petits pots (Les pots jaunes) – circa 1889
Charles Mahoney
The hearth at Oak Cottage, circua 1938
Hubert Arthur Finney
Portrait of a Woman, circa 1920
Stanley Lewis
Cartoon for Hyde Park c.1931
Amy Finney
Design for Flowers by a Window Overlooking the Sea, circa 1950
Archibald Standish Hartrick
The Creeps, c.1939
Charles Cundall
Seine Bookstalls & Fishermen
Alfred Kingsley Lawrence
Study for Persephone
Albert de Belleroche
Boulogne sur Mer – a View of the Port, circa 1890
Leila Faithfull
Sculpted Female Head, c. 1960
Raymond Sheppard
Mother attending to her two kittens, 1913-1958
Barnett Freedman
Early study for the Stanhope Street Group, c.1926
Barnett Freedman
Epsom Spring Meeting
Frank Brangwyn
Working Men, study for Lloyds Register of Shipping
John Cecil Stephenson
Abstraction, 1934
Charles Mahoney
Study for Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, circa 1935
Edward Halliday
Bridge above loch on Eilean, c.1930
Ernst Deutsch Dryden
Design for Blaupunkt Waldorf-Astoria Cigarettes, for Die Dame, 1928
David Evans
Up in the Air
John Armstrong
Suggested Design for The Pleasure of Living, Shell Centre London Circa 1961
Edward Bawden
The English Pub, 1949 -1951
Willi Soukop
Physical Education, Reading & Discussion and Woodwork & Metalwork, early 1950s
Hubert Arthur Finney
A British Red Cross Society Volunteer 1941
Frances Richards
Hieratic Floral Figure, 1974