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Our website offers over 1000 works of art for sale. Use the available filters to search all our work for sale by Artist, Medium, Subject, Movement, Price etc. We endeavour to show prices on as many of our works as possible. Forthcoming indicates that a work is being held back for an ongoing project or exhibition. Please enquire to know more about a works future availability.

Most of our art is sourced directly from artists’ estates or privately. We aim to deal in museum quality works by some of the greatest talents of the Twentieth Century. Our choice not to run a gallery or participate in art fairs leaves us free to follow our passions without succumbing to the pressures of an exclusively retail environment.  We ship worldwide.  All pictures are available on a sale or return basis.

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Charles Mahoney
Study of Nicolas Poussins 1648 painting: Madonna on the steps, mid 1920s
Frank Brangwyn
Stone Cutters, circa 1921
Winifred Knights
Portrait Study of Colin Gill, c.1921
Albert de Belleroche
Life Study in Silhouette, 1890s
Charles Mahoney
Distant view of Cotswolds Farm cottage, late 1920s
Ludovic-Rodolphe (RODO) Pissarro
Back to the Land “Farming”
Frank Brangwyn
Water carrier, circa 1903
Richard Carline
Charles Mahoney
Design for a shop interior, circa 1925
Michael Canney
Three quarter square, late 60’s
Hubert Arthur Finney
Dorset Jurassic Coast, Looking Towards St Aldhelm’s Head, 1950’s
Charles Mahoney
Study of a sunflower head, mid 1930’s
Richard Carline
Portrait of Ivy Turner
Alan Sorrell
Mural IV for the canteen of John D. Francis Ltd, Fazakerley, Liverpool, 1947
Clare Leighton
The Book of Ecclesiastics, BPL 669
Gilbert Spencer
Two calves, 1930
James Woodford
Polmark Primrose, 1961
Frank Brangwyn
Study for the Empire Panels in red chalk, circa 1925
Eric Gill
‘And’, Initial letters for The Four Gospels, Golden Cockeriel Press, 1931
Alan Sorrell
Self Portrait, nov 1928
John Cecil Stephenson
Three Graces, 1945
Douglas Percy Bliss
In his element: Rembrandt’s pupil, Gerard Dou
David Evans
Cosmos VIII, late 1960’s
Charles Cundall
Study for Hipper at Kiel, c.1945
Alfred Kingsley Lawrence
Study for Persephone
Winifred Knights
Study of a Seated Woman for The Santissima Trinita
Evelyn Dunbar
Study I for designs for an embroidered quilt [HMO 689]
James Woodford
The Blue Towel, 1920’s /1950’s
Raymond Sheppard
Leave it to Jones, 1956
Charles Mahoney
The Artist’s Hand
Stanley Lewis
Toy Town, the fortune teller (22), circa 1950
Hubert Arthur Finney
Dawn, 1966