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Our website offers over 1000 works of art for sale. Use the available filters to search all our work for sale by Artist, Medium, Subject, Movement, Price etc. We endeavour to show prices on as many of our works as possible. Forthcoming indicates that a work is being held back for an ongoing project or exhibition. Please enquire to know more about a works future availability.

Most of our art is sourced directly from artists’ estates or privately. We aim to deal in museum quality works by some of the greatest talents of the Twentieth Century. Our choice not to run a gallery or participate in art fairs leaves us free to follow our passions without succumbing to the pressures of an exclusively retail environment.  We ship worldwide.  All pictures are available on a sale or return basis.

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Lt Richard Barrett Talbot Kelly
An RE8 with a French Nieuport 27 fighter escort, circa 1916
Archibald Ziegler
Hell, mid 1920’s
Marion Adnams
A two part design for a Nautical Mural, 1930’s
Arnold Mason
Portrait of Winifred Knights Sleeping, c.1920
Frank Brangwyn
Book plate for Brangwyn’s Wife, Lucy
Clare Leighton
The Reverend Hill Walks Away, BPL500, 1942
Kenneth Rowntree
Shapes in Movement II, 1958
Stephen Bone
The artist’s studio, circa 1938
Raymond Sheppard
Monarch of the Glen, circa 1935
Archibald Standish Hartrick
The Creeps, c.1939
Charles Mahoney
Study for Morley College murals, circa 1928
John Cecil Stephenson
Perseus and Andromeda, 1945
John Nash
Periwinkle flower study (Vinca species)
Fyffe Christie
Portrait of Eleanor, the Artist’s Wife, mid 1950s
Charles Mahoney
The hearth at Oak Cottage, circua 1938
Albert de Belleroche
The Artist’s Studio, La Vieille Chapelle, La Boissi√®re, Ch√¢teaudun, circa 1909
Clare Leighton
The Cello Player, BPL 722, circa 1957
Brian Rice
Focus, 1967
Albert de Belleroche
Portrait of a woman, c.1885
Clare Leighton
Logging, BPL 608, 1949-50
Charles Cundall
Sketch for Stourport Power Station, 1956
Amy Finney
Design for Flowers by a Window Overlooking the Sea, circa 1950
Elisabeth Vellacott
Textile Design – Small Pink & Green, ca. 1938
James Woodford
The Blue Towel, 1920’s /1950’s
Barnett Freedman
Street Scene at Night
Hubert Arthur Finney
Boats in Harbour
William Strang
Seated Nude (reclining, three quarter view)
Frank Brangwyn
Girl with Bowl, after a design by Frank Brangwyn, (G2598),