Giant Pleasure WheelWinter Gardens, Blackpool, circa 1910


Etching, copper plate: 

3 x 4 in. (7.7 x 10.3 cm), 
print: 6 3/4 x 7 in. (17 x 18 cm.)

10 in stock


The Artist’s Estate; Private collection

A small, posthumous edition of prints has been pulled from the original copper plate on Arches paper 250g/m².

Winter Gardens Blackpool

1896 РGiant Pleasure Wheel – Winter Gardens, Blackpool

A ”CALL-BIRD” for the Winter Gardens. 214 ft. high – 30 passenger cars each carrying 30 people – 900 passengers fully laden. 400 tons of steel. Built to rival the 518ft. high Blackpool Tower which opened 14/5/1894.

Pulled down for scrap in October 1928. Passenger cars sold for GBP20.
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