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Our website offers over 1000 works of art for sale. Use the available filters to search all our work for sale by Artist, Medium, Subject, Movement, Price etc. We endeavour to show prices on as many of our works as possible. Forthcoming indicates that a work is being held back for an ongoing project or exhibition. Please enquire to know more about a works future availability.

Most of our art is sourced directly from artists’ estates or privately. We aim to deal in museum quality works by some of the greatest talents of the Twentieth Century. Our choice not to run a gallery or participate in art fairs leaves us free to follow our passions without succumbing to the pressures of an exclusively retail environment.  We ship worldwide.  All pictures are available on a sale or return basis.

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Charles H.H. Burleigh
Still life in the Artist’s Studio , circa 1900
Clare Leighton
Logging, BPL 608, 1949-50
Margaret Duncan
Jean Von-Bloch, late 1920’s
David Evans
Six Studies
Clare Leighton
Cinnamon Fern, BPL 508 1942
Winifred Knights
Study for Scenes from the Life of St Martin of Tours, circa 1929
Stanley Spencer
Portrait of Gilbert
John Cecil Stephenson
Orange Sketch, 1939
Clare Leighton
Marble Quarrying, BPL604, 1949-50
Jean Clark
Study for the Committee Room of the London Bankers Clearing House, 1958
Frank Brangwyn
Study of Figure with Vessel, study for Venice Biennale 1905
Charles Cundall
Study for Laying the Commemoration Stones of the new Minicipal BuildingsBristol, 1939
Harold Dearden
Model in Bathing Suit, Posing in the Artists Studio, c.1922
Pierre Abadie-Landel
Les Joies du Poilu [The Pleasures of the Poilu], set of 6
Frederick Carter
A Danse – Jealousy, 1910-11
James Woodford
The Blue Towel, 1920’s /1950’s
Barnett Freedman
Streamers and Heads, Drawing for Festival Poster, 1951
Frank Brangwyn
The Last Supper, St Joseph’s, Stokesley, 1946
Edith Granger-Taylor
Self-portrait with Pig Tails, c.1920
Edith Rimmington
The Museum I, 1953
Kathleen Guthrie
From a tempera painting by John Cecil Stephenson 1937
Francis Spear
Saint Michael Killing Satan
Joseph Simpson
Portrait of Frank Brangwyn at Work
Brian Rice
Forty-Nine, 1965
Edward Bawden
The English Pub, 1949 -1951
Frederick Carter
Escape, circa 1915
John Moody
Portrait of Phillada Sewell, mid 1920’s
Mary Adshead
Lunette design for a school mural, 1930’s
Mary Adshead
Still-life of Red Lily with Leopard Skin
James Wood
Multi coloured dots, version one, on a grey ground, circa 1920
Colin Gill
Self-portrait, 1910
Alan Sorrell
The Evening Signal, 1940